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The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel [Review]

Defeating Jezebel confirmed some things I already knew, connected some things I had not been previously able to, articulated some things I knew, yet could not express, and yes, taught me things I never knew before about this crafty spirit. I’m convinced most people don’t really understand the depth, layers, levels, intricacy, power, and meditated end of this spirit. Jennifer articulates Defeating Jezebel with wonderful prophetic accuracy and divine revelation.

How I Fell Prey to Jezebel (How to Identify This Spirit in Your Life) Part I

If you’ve read my post, “Jezebel Was My BFF,” then you know that at one point of my life, I was most certainly in the clutches of Jezebel. Actually, more than once. But the situation shared in that post was the most extensive. However, I want to list some characteristics by which you can identify this spirit working. And YES, Jezebel is a sexless (androgynous) spirit that can operate through men and women; she’s open to whoever will host her. (Although men usually take on the Absalom spirit, at the core, it’s the same thing.) But anyhoo, here we go.