Word of the Lord for 2018: Bill Hamon

Word of the Lord for 2018: Bill Hamon

The Glorious New Beginning

The following is from Christian International (CI), founded by Bishop Bill Hamon. You may view the original post and all other Words from the Lord for 2018 issued from CI from their 2018 Word of the Lord Magazine!

FOR THOSE CO-LABORING WITH Christ Jesus, it is going to be a glorious and prosperous year. It will be like the original Day of Pentecost, “Suddenly they were endued with power” by the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 60:3 is activating a commission to the Church as we enter the “Dispensation of the fullness of the times.” (Eph. 1:10 cf. Rev. 10:7) Now, delay shall be no longer, but all the mysteries and prophecies that the prophets have spoken will be revealed and fulfilled.

In 2018 the Church will begin to arise and shine as they receive the new empowerment and start revealing and demonstrating the glory of the Lord. For the wicked of the world and the lukewarm in the Church it will be a year of darkness and fearful anticipations. The true followers of Christ Jesus will know how to appropriate the New Thing that God will begin in 2018. They will fulfill God’s purpose in this appointed time. God is activating the time for the knowledge of the glory of the Lord to begin filling the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Hab. 2:14; Nu. 14:21; Ez. 12:26; 1 Thess. 5:4-8)

A. Prophetic Significance of certain years that end with “7” and the next year “8”.

1. 7-8: “7” is the number signifying fullness, fulfillment and completion. God completed the creation in 6 days, rested on the 7th and began a new ministry on the 8th. The 7 days completed His work of creating all things including Man. 8th day started God’s new ministry of working with mankind on earth.

2. Jesus was resurrected on 8th day of the week, (Saturday=7th; Sunday=8th; Jesus began the Church Age on 8th day.)

3. 1517-1518: Martin Luther nailed his 95 Arguments against the Dark Age Church on the door of his church on Oct. 31, 1517, which completed the time of the Dark Age Church. 1518 started the Age or time period of the Restoration of the Church, called the “Second Reformation”.

4. 2007-2008: The Saints Movement was birthed in 2007 and prepared the way of Heaven’s decree for the beginning of “The Third & Final Church Reformation” in 2008.

5. 1987-1988: Christian International had the first ever recorded in church history “Prophets Conference” in 1987. On a Wednesday night after I had preached about the great company of prophets that God wanted to raise up in our day, great intercession swept over the 700 saints present. It was the travailing labor pains for the birthing of the company of prophets. But it was the second prophets conference in 1988 that the Prophetic Movement was birthed. (Complete details are given in pages 88-100 in Prophets and the Prophetic Movement).

6. 1947-1948: William Branham was launched as a prophet ministering with supernatural gifts of Holy Spirit in 1947. The following year, “The Latter Rain” movement was launched in 1948. Part of their revelation restoration teaching was that there are still Apostles and Prophets in the Church today. (Evangelical dispensationalists taught that they had been depleted from the Church.)

7. 2007-2008: The Saints Movement in 2007 closed out the period of the Second Reformation and prepared the way for the Third Reformation to be launched in 2008.

8. 1947-1948: Oral Roberts was launched in 1947 as an Evangelist with laying on of hands for healing. In 1948, T. L. Osborne was launched in Evangelism with mass miracles. At that time hundreds of Evangelists arose with miracle ministries throughout the world. It became known as “Deliverance Evangelism.” These two 1948 movements were two separate restoration streams which never merged in their day. They began 5 decades that reemphasized the Evangelist in ‘50s, Pastors ‘60s, Teacher ‘70s and restoration of the Prophets ‘80s and Apostles ‘90s. This prepared the way for the Saints Movement in 2007.


1. 40 years: From 1948 teaching of Apostles & Prophets in the Church to 1988 Prophets Movement which produced the proclamation and activation of the Company of Prophets.

2. 30 years = age of Prophetic movement. (1988-2018 = 30 years). After age 30, Jesus began manifesting the supernatural signs, wonders and miracles of the Kingdom of God. Acts 10:38 AND SO WILL WE IN 2018.

3. 70 years: 1948 Latter Rain MOVEMENT > Restoration Revelation to 2018 = New Revelation and Demonstration of the Kingdom of God.

4. 70 years: 1948 when Israel becomes its own nation to 2018. Nation of the Church comes into its own and increases the possessing of their inheritance.

5. After 70 Years, Israel returned from Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem and their Temple. Jesus said, “I Will BUILD MY CHURCH,” not just birth it. The Second Reformation has rebuilt the Church back to New Testament standards. From now on the gates of hell cannot withstand the advance of the Church and the power of binding and loosing is granted.

C. 2018 Starts a “New Beginning.” It will take the Church to new levels of power and authority in ministry and a greater conformity to the Character of Christ in our personal lives. Present-Truth 5-fold ministers are going to intensify their ministry with Jesus in finalizing the work of Christ’s Church and fulfilling His final purpose for the Church and planet Earth.

D. NATIONS: 2018 will be the beginning of God causing things to happen in the earth which will determine whether a nation is a goat or sheep nation. Mt. 25:31-41.

E. Christian International and all ministries who are co-laboring with Jesus Christ to fulfill His present purpose will have their most glorious year ever in 2018.

F. Revelation of Three Holy Spirit Movements after the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement: In my book, Apostles-Prophets & The Coming Moves of God, I revealed that there would be three more Holy Spirit movements before the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.

1. A Saints Movement which took place in April 2007--Book written to explain, “The Day of The Saints.”

2. An “Army of The Lord Movement” which started in 2016—Book written to explain, “God’s World War 111”.

3. The 3rd Movement in fulfilling God’s progressive purpose will be “The Kingdom Establishing Movement.” It hasn’t happened yet, and book not written.

4. What God didn’t show me, until it was actually decreed from Heaven---that He was going to transition the Church from the Second Reformation to the Third Reformation. The purpose of the Second Reformation was to restore to the Church all New Testament truths and ministries. God’s purpose for the Third Reformation is for the Church to be enlightened and empowered by the truths and ministries restored in the Second to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in all the world for a witness and every nation becomes a definite goat or sheep nation; and to also fulfill all prophetic scriptures that must be fulfilled to their fullness so that Jesus can activate His Second Coming. Acts 3:21, Heb. 10:12,13. The last three movements are now being fulfilled during the Third Reformation of the Church.

5. There has been a Holy Spirit movement activated in every decade during the last 70 years starting in 1948. Most of them were brought forth during the 7th & 8th year of each decade. The Prophetic in 1988, the Apostolic 1998, The Third Reformation in 2008. Now, we are entering 2018. I am expecting a mighty move of the Holy Spirit during 2018 enabling the Church to fulfill God’s predestined purposes that Jesus has ordained that He will fulfill.   

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