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Hidden Figures || A Word from the Lord

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw one of my friends post about the movie Hidden Figures. No surprise there. I’m super excited about seeing it myself! I’ve known about this movie for months and was uber excited from the moment I saw the trailer and heard Pharrell singing. “Don’t you know that we’re able?!” But this morning at almost 6am, the words “hidden figures” jumped out at me in a way they never had before.

I heard the Lord saying, “Hidden figures. All those who have been hiding in the background, all those who have been overlooked and rejected, all those who have been in caves and on the backside of a mountain, I am getting ready to reveal. I am the God Who sets up and puts down; I am He Who exalts one and puts down another. Promotion comes from Me, not from the North, the South, the East, or the West. Promotion comes from private time spent with me, from private prayers prayed to Me, from faithfulness to Me, from loyalty to My word, to faithfully serving My people even when they talked about you and overlooked you and didn’t know that you were able. I am about to promote you.

“And when I do [promote you], no man will be able to put his hand on it and say, 'I did that,' for it will be done in such a way that no one could deny that it was My handiwork. You are My handiwork, ordained and designed before the foundations of the earth. And your righteousness is from Me. There will be those who think and accuse you of trying to operate in your own righteousness, of trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps - and some of you have tried to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps! But I have frustrated every attempt, as your emotions and bank accounts can demonstrate. But I am about to change all that,” saith the Lord. I am about to promote you.

“And even those who speak aloud that it was not My work, will know in secret what I have done. But you must pray for them. Even as Job prayed for his friends, so you must pray for your friends and your frenemies. Your persecution is in fact your promotion. And I will do a new thing in you, NOW it springs forth! Be ready for Me to light your way, and send My angels before you to prepare your way, and send My wind before you to break up the way and everything that is lying in your path to deter, delay, and derail you. They shall not succeed if you keep your eyes stayed on me.

“You are My hidden figure. The devil didn’t know I had you up my sleeve, but when I reveal you he will not have a card up his [sleeve] to play against Me. I am the Almighty God. I make ways where there are none, I make rivers in the desert and highways of holiness in the wilderness. This is the way, walk in it, and I will go before you. I will lead you. Be not afraid, I am with you,” saith the Lord.