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#RoundTableChat | Apostle Kynan Bridges: Prayer, Intercession & Warfare [LISTEN]

We’re so happy for all of you who could join us in last night’s #RoundTableChat! As promised, Apostle Kynan Bridges, the pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship, and author of several books including The Power of Prophetic Prayer, 90 Days to Power Prayer, and Kingdom Authority, came back for this month and he shared with us about his new books and I let him loose!

(Apologies for the technical difficulties!)

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Some topics included in our interview include:

  • Prayer, intercession, and warfare
  • Spiritual authority, wisdom, and balance in warfare
  • Understanding our position in God
  • How to share corrective words and warnings with our leaders without breaking God’s ordained order of leadership and more!

If you’d like to get Apostle’s books that come out on January 26th, 2016, please click the images below!

And if you missed him on Sid Roth this week, you can catch it  or below! And if you're interested in The Round Table, please click here! Also, to RSVP to The Power of Prophetic Prayer Book Launch event, please click here!

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