Challenging spiritually toxic mindsets and providing biblical tools for effective spiritual warfare.

Understanding Jezebel

Coming January 2017

If you have been the subject of manipulation, intimidation, or domination,

If you have been in a spiritually, emotionally, or mentally abusive relationship or situation,

If you know someone who LOVES to lay the guilt trips on you and others,

OR if you just love learning about spiritual warfare, then this workshop is for you!

In this live workshop you'll learn:

  • Week 1 - Jan. 12 || The Making of Jezebel
  • Week 2 - Jan. 19 || Discerning Jezebel
  • Week 3 - Jan. 26 || The Many Faces of Jezebel: Delilah, Saul, Herod, Absalom & Athaliah
  • Week 4 - Feb. 2 || Ahab: Enabling Jezebel
  • Week 5 - Feb. 9 || Eunuchs: Jezebel's Children
  • Week 6 - Feb. 16 || Elijah: The Bane of Jezebel
  • Week 7 - Feb. 23 || The Ultimate Jezebel-Preventative

And if you register, you get:

  1. How I Fell Prey to Jezebel eBook
  2. Deborah: The Ultimate Jezebel-Preventative eBook
  3. Understanding Jezebel Workbook


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#UnderstandingJezebel Mini-Series

We will expound fully on each lesson in the #UnderstandingJezebel workshop. These mini-lessons are just the teasers.