Jonathan Ferguson’s ‘Bootcamp Prayer’ Will Revolutionize Your Prayer Life!

Jonathan Ferguson’s ‘Bootcamp Prayer’ Will Revolutionize Your Prayer Life!

Days ago, I just finished reading Apostle Jonathan Ferguson’s earth-shattering book, Bootcamp Prayer. I purchased the book just 10 days after posting Bootcamp Prayer with Apostle Jonathan Ferguson, Part I and MY LORD ON HIGH!!! I cannot even begin to convey to you the mind, spirit, and religion-altering truths enshrouded in this book. But for your sake, I will try. Starting with my Amazon/Goodreads review:

Jonathan Ferguson is first and foremost a family man. He is the husband of Amanda Ferguson and father of three. He is also a preacher and author of eight books.

OH...MY...LORD!!! Jonathan Ferguson's book has TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZED the way I think about, consider, and go about prayer!!! I've been in the church my whole life, read several books on prayer/intercession/ warfare, books by generals twice Prophet Ferguson's age, yet none of them touches the revelation God has given this "young man with old man's wisdom" on how to go about strategic prayer and warfare biblically, effectively, and consistently. If you are a beginner at prayer, read this book! If you are a general of prayer, read this book! If you are somewhere in between, read this book! And if the information contained in this book has spoken to you (and if it hasn't, you either are dead or can't read!), then you will NOT be able to read this book only once. Why? Because the vast majority of us have been taught how to pray by people who don't know how to pray! I believe if many people utilize and constantly refer back to this content, the landscape of the Kingdom of God in America (and beyond!) will be completely transformed! We will learn how to truthfully "tread" and forcefully advance the territory of the Kingdom of God in the earth before He returns!

A Manual for ALL Believers

The military provides you with specific training, classes, and most importantly, a manual that will teach you what is expected of you, what you should expect, and how to execute these expectations in a legal, legitimate, situation-appropriate manner. If you are a Believer, consider Bootcamp Prayer your specified manual of training for intercession and strategic warfare. Whether you’re a new Believer or a general who needs to keep your training abilities on the cutting edge, this is a must-read for everyone.

A Constant Reference

Use Bootcamp Prayer as a constant reference. You WILL NOT, CANNOT, receive all of this revelation in a one-time read. Plus manuals are meant to be constantly referred to. Read it. Recommend it. Teach it. Gift it. Just don’t plagiarize it!

For Those Who Don’t Like to Read

And for those of you who claim to not like to read, Prophet Ferguson prayed that a special anointing would rest on this book for all of you that you will WANT to read it, despite your general aversion to reading (or reading anything beside the Bible).

Apostle-Prophet Ferguson is one of the youngest generals in the Body of Christ (33 as of right now) that I have ever had the privilege to sit under online and in person. And I know that he’ll only go from glory to glory. Allow this general to school you in the dynamics of fervent, effectual prayer.

*Prophetic Revelation*

Some of you may be wondering, “How can she call a man so young a ‘general’ in the Body of Christ?” Simple: Because he is. You have to have the discernment of the sons of Issachar to understand the times and seasons in order to properly assess what God is doing in the earth. The Spirit of God is releasing MANY mantles in the earth. Mantles passed down from family members who’ve gone on to be with the Lord. Mantles that were unseized by family members alive and long-gone alike. Mantles from your spiritual coverings. Mantles falling: rejected, abandoned, torn away, and more! And these mantles are typically multi-coloured, multi-faceted, giving you the legal authority to rule in multiple spheres at once like a Joseph and a Daniel. And while EVERY mantle comes with a process, the process God requires is not subject to time, nor is it contingent upon natural age. There are elderly Saints who have insisted upon remaining toddlers in the spirit, while there are millennials who are growing by leaps and bounds in the things of God.

Also, returning to the ability of the sons of Issachar, what you must understand is that their discernment was not just a gift, but a military strategy for Israel. (See I Chronicles 12:32.) Why is this important? Because an army, navy, or air force can be full of fighting ability, yet if their ability is not governed by wisdom and discernment, chaos and defeat will be the result. A poorly timed assault can turn the tide of the battle against you, or worse, sabotage the overall war strategy. I decree and declare that the Spirit of Issachar is rising up in the millennials NOW, in the name of Jesus!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled book review…

Some of the points “General Ferguson” covers in Bootcamp Prayer include:

1) Teaching us how to pray.

This may sound simple to some of you, but the disciples who were born and bred in the Jewish faith humbled themselves and asked the Lord to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1). This indicates that they realised quick, fast, and in a hurry that whatever they had been taught in all those years was not nearly effective as they’d previously thought it was.

Also, if the Word says that the Spirit will pray through us when we don’t know what to pray as we ought, then again, we must humble ourselves and admit that we do not know how to to pray (Rom. 8:26).

Apostle Ferguson pulls from Scripture upon Scripture, line upon line, precept upon precept, teaching us truly how to pray...and unteaching some of the religious practices we’ve learned over the years.

Jonathan & Amanda Ferguson

2) Prayer isn’t always about prayer.

Sometimes, you can’t pray. Sometimes, you have to praise. Sometimes, you have to worship. Sometimes, you have to be still and listen. Sometimes, you have simply have to create and build an atmosphere that will allow you to enter into the place where prayer becomes easy. After all, you have to enter in with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise well before you can access the Holy of Holies...IF you have the patience and persistence to make it that far (Psalm 100:4).

3) Exalting God vs. Conjuring Demons.

Prophet Ferguson broke down (to many of our chagrins!) that we as a collective Body are more prone to and prolific at accidentally attracting demons and unnecessary warfare or as John Paul Jackson called it, “needless casualties of war” because we get ahead of ourselves and God, and pray incorrectly and even amiss (James 4:3). There is a way that we can pray, a high place that we have access to as sons of God, where we can decree and declare the will of God, without picking fights with demons and principalities we were either never meant to fight to begin with, or were not authorized to fight at that given time. This brings me to my next point…

4) We “bind and loose” in ignorance.

Most of us don’t even know the proper meaning of “binding” and “loosing” (although I’m sure you *think* you do!) and the legalities that accompany the terms. (I was included in this group!!) There are legalities and protocols that must be adhered to, spiritual tolls that must be paid, ranks that must be merited, and authorizations that must be given in order to fight some of the battles we’ve attempted in the past or even presently. I’m NOT gonna tell you what the proper definition of binding and loosing is either! #BuytheBook

5) Strategy is everything!

Not the strategy that you made up. Not the strategy that you were taught. Not the strategy laid out in your intercessory group’s agenda (although submission to godly leadership is always a must). Strategy from the Spirit of Wisdom, and Counsel, and Might which is the Holy Spirit, the emissary of the Lord of Hosts. Consider this:

You’re King Saul. You’re waiting for the divine emissary of God in the person of the Prophet Samuel. But you decide that you know better, and commence things on your own anyway. YOU’VE TRANSGRESSED PROTOCOL. Now it’s easy to look at Saul and see how he grieved and offended God on various occasions, but how often do we unintentionally do the same thing in our prayer lives every day? (See I Samuel 15.)

God has a specific strategy attached to a specific purpose which will ultimately play into the divine mandate of all mankind. But you think you know better. Uh uh. We need to allow God to speak to us clearly in order to receive HIS prescribed and commanded strategy for each particular battle. Otherwise, if you wage war without His approval, you do so without His covering, and risk opening yourself up to enemy attack, and even “friendly fire.”

There is SO much more that I could say, but I won’t. #BuytheBook However, if you’d like a sample of his last chapter, hop on over to Bootcamp Prayer with Apostle Jonathan Ferguson, Part II to listen to the demonstration and culmination thereof.

I really should get some sort of PR/Ad kickback for the people I’ve already talked into buying this book and making plans to attend his second Bootcamp, lol. Just kidding, of course. *wink, wink* In all sincerity, I love to share with you the ministers and references that have been a blessing to me (I ain’t stingy!) and also, I want the Body of Christ to be not only blessed, but transformed by the revelation God has given this mighty and advancing general in the Body of Christ. I PROMISE that this book will transform, nay, revolutionize your prayer life from this point onward! Order your copy of Bootcamp Prayer today!

And sign up for Jonathan and Amanda Ferguson’s Bootcamp, coming this April 21st-22nd in Atlanta (Duluth), GA! It’s free to register, they just need to have an estimate of the people coming. Just get there!

P.S. If you weren't able to catch Jonathan and Amanda on Daystar hosted by Marcus and Joni Lamb yesterday, keep a lookout! You know someone will put it on Youtube. *wink, wink*

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