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#UnderstandingJezebel: Jezebel's Slander Teleseminar

#UnderstandingJezebel: Jezebel's Slander

Throughout Scripture we are shown various manifestations of the Spirit of Jezebel, and one thing the majority of those manifestations have in common is slander and accusation.

Learn all about:

  • Jezebel-inflicted wounds
  • Perceived threats
  • The Spirits of Offense & Entitlement
  • The Spirit of Accusation
  • Harrassments & bullying
  • Jezebel & social media
  • When & how to confront Jezebeic accusations
  • And more!

Jesus warned that offenses must (will) come, but woe unto those by whom they come! Let's uncover what the Bible has to say about this and bring it into a modern, applicable, everyday context. REGISTER TODAY!

**Since each registrant will receive a copy of the event outline and the playback, no refunds will be provided.**